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Read here what is required to be considered for a job with HG.

Your career within the dynamic world of a fast-growing and rapidly changing company could start right here!
How does the HG procedure work?
Have you seen a specific vacancy that attracted your interest? The application procedure for vacancies in our company consists of the following steps.
1. The vacancy as starting point
Have you seen an HG vacancy in a newspaper or on an online job bank? Or did you notice a vacancy on our website that attracts your interest and you meet the job requirements?
Please send your CV with your reasons for applying to the P&O Department. As soon as we receive your application, we start the procedure within HG. Read more about this procedure.
2. CV round
Our P&O Department appraises all the CVs we receive. The relevant personnel officer tests your CV against the job requirements for the post. Together with the manager of the relevant Department we consider your education, background, employment history, and reasons for applying. After a positive assessment of your CV, you will receive an invitation for an initial meeting. However, if we do not find enough starting points for a meeting we will inform you by letter or e-mail and in such a case that is the end of the procedure for the relevant vacancy. However, continue to keep an eye on this website – an interesting vacancy might turn up later.
3. Interviews
Following a positive assessment of your CV, you will receive an invitation for an initial meeting. Depending on the post there may be a total of two or three interview rounds.
4. Meeting the organisation and the team
You will receive the result of the initial meeting as soon as possible by letter, e-mail, or telephone. You will also hear whether you are invited for a second meeting. During this second meeting we would like you to meet the organisation and/or the Department.
If the result of this meeting is also positive and you have been selected as the last remaining candidate, we will offer you a contract!
For some jobs there are three interview rounds, but you will be told about this during the initial meeting. If you participate in the procedure for such a job, you will be offered a contract after the third successful meeting.
5. Open applications
If you do not see a suitable vacancy on our website, but would like to express your interest in HG as a potential employer, you can send an open application.
Please e-mail your CV, indicate the types of post for which you are available and give us your reasons for applying. We will contact you as soon as we have a suitable vacancy!
6. Do you have any questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail on p& or by telephone on +31 (0)36 – 54 94 700 (ask for the P&O Department).
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